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Terms & Conditions

1. The Agreement and Definitions


1.1 Auxilium Learning LTD sells courses/tuition any students/parents choose to pay for courses/tuition based on the terms & conditions detailed below.


1.2 The term “Course” means the course in which the student is enrolled, this includes related enrolments on the LMS iSpring Learn and other related learning materials. The content shared by the teacher is the property of the teacher/Auxilium Learning and is not to be distributed.


1.3 The term ‘tuition’ refers to one to one/small group service offered by a teacher, the content shared by the teacher is the property of the teacher/Auxilium Learning and is not to be distributed.


1.4  The “duration” of the Course is the length of time the course is provided by the teacher. This varies depending on which course the student is studying. Core subject and additional subject courses will last the duration of one academic year. An academic year extending from the dates of the 1st September to the 11th June.


2.  Fees and Payment


2.1 The fees for the course/tuition do not include the cost of books if books are required for the course, teachers will discuss with students/parents the relevant books required and provide the cheapest options for purchasing the books/eBooks If requested Auxilium Learning LTD can purchase and post the books to the student/parent, however, this is at the cost of the student/parent.



2.2 Auxilium Learning LTD’s fees do not include exam enrolment, Auxilium Learning LTD if requested will support with exam enrolment, however, it is not the responsibility of Auxilium Learning LTD to enrol students with exam boards.


2.3 If a parent chooses to remove the student from a course within 50 calendar days of enrolment, they will be issued a full refund for the remaining terms, excluding the remainder of the term they are studying. After 50 calendar days refund requests will be reviewed on a case by case approach and only issued if there are exceptional circumstances.


2.5 In the event of a parent removing the student from the course within 50 calendar day of enrolment and them paying via an instalment plan the parent will be billed for the remainder of the term unless already paid for. After 50 calendar days after enrolment, the parent is legally liable and agrees to pay the remainder of the instalments, in this event a refund request can be emailed and Auxilium Learning LTD will review this on a case by case basis and only issue refunds if there are exceptional circumstances.


3. Parents agree to support their student with their learning when it is necessary. Parents agree to the educational terms relating to classwork, assessments, reporting and attendance.


3.1 Classwork: Students are to complete classwork to a high standard without disrupting other students and in a respectful manner to their teacher. In the event of continued disruption or poor behaviour, parents will be informed and if poor behaviour continues the student could face removal from the course without a refund.


3.2 Assessments: Students are to prepare for assessments. Assessments are to be sat only once by the student unless agreed by the teacher otherwise. Students must follow exam conditions when sitting assessments and refrain from cheating. Cheating referring to the use of resources that could enhance their assessment result.


3.3 Reporting: Students will receive termly progress reports which will outline how the student is progressing, this grade will be derived from assessment grades and classwork. Termly reports will also provide an effort grade. Twice a year parents will receive written reports outline how the student is progressing.


3.4 It is the responsibility of the parent/student for attendance, scheduled course lessons will not be rescheduled nor refunded. Tuition lessons will be rescheduled for up to 2 cancellations or failure of the student to show up on 2 occasions. In the event of the parent/student providing notice of 48 hours stating that the lesson cannot be attended this will not count as a cancellation and the lesson can be rearranged, however, we do not offer refunds for such events. After 2 cancellations rescheduling of lessons will not occur (unless agreed by the teacher), nor will a refund be issued.


3.5 If parents are requested to attend a parental meeting to discuss student behaviour they must attend, otherwise, unresolved poor behaviour could result in termination of student’s enrolment without refund.


4. Transfer of courses: In the event of a student requesting to transfer courses there will be no fee to do so and we will support the student with the transfer. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to catch up on missed learning or arrange tuition to support catching up on missed work.


5. Admissions


5.1 Auxilium Learning LTD has the right to refuse admission of a student.


5.2 Auxilium Learning LTD will decide if the course is appropriate for a student based upon the English level and prior learning of the student. 


6. Warranties and Limitation of Liability


6.1 The services and products often involve downloadable files, we try our best to ensure all files are virus free and we cannot be held liable for problems resulting from viruses. To mitigate this potential issue, we recommend all students/parents have up to date antivirus software on their computers.


6.2 All learning resources Auxilium Learning LTD offers will be to a high standard.


6.3 Auxilium Learning LTD is not liable for any damages, losses or injuries caused by any of our courses, in particular Science. Practical science will not involve the use of any hazardous chemicals.


6.4 Any losses resulting from Auxilium Learning LTD’s negligence will be limited to the money paid for the course.


6.5 Auxilium Learning LTD will not be liable for losses caused by unforeseeable events nor losses resulting from actions not caused by Auxilium Learning LTD.


7. Auxilium learning has the right to remove students from courses or suspend their study.


8. The content provided by teachers is owned by Auxilium Learning LTD and therefore it is not to be distributed without the understanding of Auxilium Learning LTD.

Changes to Terms & Condition

We may update our Terms & Conditions from time to time. Thus, we advise you to review this page periodically for any changes. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Terms & Conditions on this page. These changes are effective immediately after they are posted on this page.

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