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English Language Development

"Investing in your child's English language acquisition is one of the greatest currencies for success that you can offer. "

"To be fluent in English is to be able to communicate with almost anyone.  Auxilium Learning courses are underpinned by key English Language acquisition pillars. Not only is it important to develop your child's vocabulary so that they are able to articulate their thoughts and feelings with precision and confidence, but they also develop key inference and deduction skills which is part of ensuring that your child becomes a competent communicator and a leader. Their experienced English Language teachers work with children to develop these skills and become proficient English communicators."

Deputy Head, UK Independent School

"Experienced and knowledgeable tutors who have proven to improve our students' English. "

"Auxilium Learning's tutors worked with students of varying abilities to develop their English. Our students found the lessons engaging, fun and an excellent platform to both practise and develop their English skills.  Our children enjoyed developing their English through learning new information in other subjects, such as science and history, with the language of instruction being English. This immersive environment proved to work for all our learners, with the greatest progress being in our students who were relatively new to the English language" 

Middle leadership, A Russian international school

Getting started is easy!

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