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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

How is Auxilium Learning different to other online schools?

Auxilium Learning has been developed by teachers who are experienced in both international and UK schools. Our school specialises in Stage 7- 9 learning, however, we offer a range of other subjects at varying levels in our tuition packages. We do not require our students to be fluent in English, only that they have a willingness to develop. Our teachers are all qualified fluent English speakers who have worked with both fluent English students and students who possess English as an additional language.

Does Auxilium Learning report home to parents?

Every term progress reports are sent to parents to inform them of how they child is doing in their lessons. Reports detail their attitude towards the lesson as well as an attainment grade. This is monitored by Auxilium Learning to ensure progress is being made by all students.

Do students sit assessments?

Assessments are a large part of a student's education when it comes to measuring progress. Students sit  a series of assessments each term to determine understanding and progress. Results of assessments are shared with students and parents through termly reports.

What is our policy on cancellations?

We understand schedules can change and therefore we try to be flexible, however, it is the responsibility of the parent/student for attendance. We allow tuition lessons to be rescheduled for up to 2 cancellations or failure of the student to show up on 2 occasions. In the event of the parent/student providing notice of 48 hours stating that the lesson cannot be attended this will not count as a cancellation and the lesson can be rearranged, however, we do not offer refunds for such events. After 2 cancellations rescheduling of lessons will not occur (unless agreed by the teacher), nor will a refund be issued.

How qualified are Auxilium Learning teachers?

We pride ourselves in offering a robust curriculum created and delivered by UK-qualified teachers. For us, being qualified and fully understanding the curriculum ad best ways of imparting knowledge is pivotally important to progress.

What checks does Auxilium Learning process to ensure the safeguarding of your child?

Unlike all online schools, all of our teachers are DBS or previously checked. We do not employ any individual who has been barred or has had allegations made against them. In addition, we employ teachers who receive positive references from an educational setting - including current and previous employers. Our priority is your child's safety. No child can progress in an environment where they do not feel safe.

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